What is Ultra-microfiber leather?

Introducing Patina™

Patina™ is where high grade polyurethane resin and ultra fine microfiber bundles are combined together to mimic the microscopic structure of leather.

Simply put, we think it’s the best vegan leather ever invented, combining beauty, high quality, and excellent functionality. The technology has been around for decades but mainly on high-end sofas, luxury car seats and shoes. Today, we are bringing this luxurious high-tech vegan material into fashion bags.

The Technology

Patina™ is a highly sensitive, functional material developed with the latest technology. The strand is smaller than the diameter of a strand of silk (which is approximately one denier), which is itself about 1/15th to 1/100th the diameter of a human hair.

The material is where high grade polyurethane resin and ultra fine microfiber bundles are combined together to mimic the microscopic structure of leather. The technique used to produce microfiber leather gives the end product a similar amino structure as genuine leather.

The combination of ultra-microfiber and PU layer is a relatively new technology in the market and JW PEI is one of the first fashion brands that fully embrace the material.

Comparing with PU (Polyurethane)

Better Durability

PU (Polyurethane) is a beautiful looking material but it just doesn’t last long. After several uses it will start falling apart, flaking and peeling, and you will end up throwing it away quickly.

Patina™ is invented to solve all the problems of PU, especially durability, and that’s why you can find microfiber being used on products where durability is a must, including airplanes, sports gear, high-end sofa and shoes.


No pesticides are used for producing synthetic fibers (in comparison to cotton). If these products are made of polypropylene yarn, the yarn is dope-dyed; i.e. no water is used for dyeing (as with cotton, where thousands of liters of water become contaminated).

Moreover, because ultra-microfiber has a much better durability, you tend to keep it much longer than PU, which avoids wasting and burning.

Soft Leather Touch

If you have put your hands on a cheap PU bag before,  you know how plastic it feels. The soft texture and feel of Patina™ is different.

Because of the fundamental structure difference on the molecule level, Patina™ gives you nearly the same soft and elegant touch of genuine leather.

To know more about the luxurious feel, you need to buy one of our products.

The Benefits

  • Soft touch, with luxurious texture.
  • Super light weight.
  • Superior durability. (Water/dust-resistant)
  • A wide range of exquisite colors.
  • Breathability and permeability for true comfort.
  • All-weather flexibility keeps Microfiber feeling warm in cold temps and cool when it’s hot.
  • Easy to care for and maintain.
  • Made with advanced technologies including recycled and biomass-derived polymers.




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