The Material

Our first collection is crafted with ultra-microfiber, a high-tech, luxurious, non-animal leather. Non-toxic, unlike PVC. A luxurious feel, unlike PU. It's 50% lighter than genuine leather and 5 times more durable.

A lightweight vegan material, ultra-microfiber is a technological stunner. It’s the best vegan leather available, and it’s never been used on handbags before. With our direct-to-consumer model, we’re able to bring you the premium material at a fraction of the cost.

The Technology

Vegan leathers may look the same on the outside, but they differentiate themselves significantly on the inside. Created with state-of-art technology, ultra-microfiber mimics leather’s exact texture that gives it an unparalleled durability. No animals harmed.

Superior Durability

PU (Polyurethane) is a beautiful looking material but it just doesn’t last long. After several uses it will start falling apart, flaking and peeling, and you will end up throwing it away quickly. Ultra-microfiber is invented to solve all the problems of PU, especially durability, and that’s why you can find microfiber being used on products where durability is a must, including  airplanes, sports gear, high-end sofa and shoes.

PU - Plastic-y and stretchy

Ultra-microfiber - Strong, sturdy yet soft to touch

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